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Trump, Corporate Leadership and the Rise of HGTV

January 28th, 2018|0 Comments

  • Duty of Care

Duty of Care for NGOs

September 26th, 2017|0 Comments


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Ah, the early days! 1982

Friends of Nations Arch w/ Ambassador Roche, Kiev, Ukraine, 1986

Hermitage Museum, Leningrad, USSR, 1986

Former President of the USSR, Mikhail Gorbachev, 2001

Canadian Secretary of State Barbara McDougall, Mekon River, Cambodia, 1992

UN Peackeepers (Canadian), Cambodia, 1992

UN Peacekeepers (French), Cambodia, 1992

Air Force One, Vancouver, Canada Summit, 1993

Russian President Boris Yeltsin, Vancouver Canada Summit, 1993

US President Bill Clinton, Vancouver, Canada Summit, 1993

Former Canadian Prime Minister and Secretary of State Joe Clark, Ottawa, 1993

Canadian Secretary of State McDougall retires, 1993

Welcome to Baghdad! 2004

With my new ‘Matrix’ coat given to me by my great Iraqi staff! Iraq, 2004

Me & My ‘Boys’, Victory Arch’s Cross Swords, Baghdad, 2004

US Ambassador Negroponte (2nd from right), Iraq, 2004-2005

Prime Minister Allawi (on right), Iraq 2004-2005

Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament, Hajem al-Hassani(l), Director, USAID Iraq(r), 2005

Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament Hajem al-Hassani, 2005

The Canadian Mission, Iraq, 2005

Easter Brunch on roof of our hotel, Baghdad, 2005

1st Cav friends, Baghdad, 2005

US Ambassador Khalizad, Iraq, 2005-2007

Dr. Abbas, Secretary General Council of Ministers, Iraq, 2006

Former NDI Iraqi staff watching my Al Hurra interview in Iraq, 2016

Kurdistan Regional President, Masoud Barzani (r), Kurdistan, 2006

With my dear mentor and friend, Douglas Roche, former Canadain Senator, Member of Parliament and Ambassador for International Security and Arms Control, Ottawa, 2008

Senior Kuwaiti and Amercian Officials, American Kuwaiti Alliance Official Office Opening, Washington, DC 2006

Kuwait, 2008

National Palace of Haiti after 2010 Earthquake

Haiti, 2010

New Haitian friend, Port au Prince, Haiti 2010 Earthquake

URG Ambulance Juba, South Sudan, 2012

Juba, South Suddan, 2012

Welcoming Celebration, Chumvi Kenya, 2012

Primary School Solar Lighting Project, Chumvi Kenya, 2012

Primary School Solar Lighting Project, Chumvi Kenya, 2012

Great Pyramids, Egypt

Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin

Berlin Wall

Red Square, Moscow

Paris, France

Great Wall, China