“Jim — you made a real difference in my life — and to your country’s!
Heartfelt thanks,”
Barbara McDougall
Secretary of State for External Affairs of Canada, 1993

J. LeBlanc International (JLI) was created by Jim LeBlanc to fill a very specific need. Frequently, CEOs and organization leaders need outside advice and counsel. And while there are plenty of consultants willing to help, there are very few who have the unique breadth of experience of JLI working in a leadership role, managing people and doing business under very challenging circumstances. Furthermore, JLI has a track record of success built on an ability to demonstrate results and build trust with individuals running organizations often during highly stressful times.

James (“Jim”) LeBlanc is the advisor to the founder of a company that has moved people and equipment around the world for 25 years to places many thought too challenging; senior counselor and advisor to the CEO and leadership of a company that makes complex environments accessible through actionable data and insight on dynamic economic, political, and security trends in many of the world’s hotspots; a senior advisor to the President of a security and risk management company that has designed a groundbreaking active shooter program to provide a comprehensive security and safety review process; and a senior advisor to the CEO of a company that provides rapidly deployable shelters in extreme environments. LeBlanc is a former vice president and senior advisor with the Unity Resources Group.